Visual Language for Millennial 

Yellow Group: Brian Yang, Jesse Klein, Julia Wong, Hannah Salinas, Bonnie Chan, and Temple Rea (2014), Communication Design, Urban Intervention


CODE is a project to create a visual language for millennial done by the Carnegie Mellon School of Design class of 2017  FreshmenThe project started by researching millennials and analyzing millennial text conversations. We extracted symbols, social, historical, significant information about the millennials to first gain a better understanding. Then analyzing the text messages of 40 millennials we extracted what we believe are the 40 most widely used words and phrases of millennials.

The first step was to translate the 40 words and phrases into symbols. The task was giving to 40 designers allowing one person to focus on creating one symbols. In my case, I received the word “Fuck”. The work Fuck is very interesting as it an extremely versatile word that where its meaning is depending on the context. Fuck can mean thrilling excitement or extreme anger or almost anything else depending on its use. The final symbol tries to address the amazingly adaptable word by finding the essence of the world.

Once all 40 symbols where generated it was time to bring our CODE out to the world.


Balloon Friends

Balloon friends was a project that used CODE as a mean to get strangers to meet and converse. Using the symbols we generated prompts that were placed in balloons that acted as an ice breaker between strangers.