Design is?

What is design? A question designers even have a hard time answering. Since attending design school I've keep a list on the back of my sketchbook that I've slowly added too over time. Some if it is antidote and some had a bit more thought.

A list on the back of one of my old sketchbook

A list on the back of one of my old sketchbook

So what is design?

as of the writing of this post to me:

Design is the intention that exist in the creating.

If I were to design something right now, it would be a city.

5 keywords I use to describe my design ethos: relationships, intention, evolving, interdisciplinary, and human

What do you value in the designed world? That every "thing" is a story. A story of the creation, use, time period, and context it lives in.

What are your concerns as a designer? I believe that we are trying to build towards "the greater good/common good". But we might have very different opinions on what that greater good is. That is not necessary a bad thing but I am very interested in how we as humanity are going to deal with this and learn to live together in an increasingly interconnected world.

Better Utilization of Public Transport Through Shrinking Personal Space - Side-Effects and Side-Shows

Exploring the micro future of better utilization of public transport though shrinking personal space as first saw in the last post, we and try to see how this would fit in to people’s lives today and how it can steer the path of futures by trying to see what potential consequences are. We can do so by examining the micro future to look for the potential side-effects and side-shows.

Futures Wheel for Better Utilization of Public Transport Through Shrinking Personal Space

Futures Wheel for Better Utilization of Public Transport Through Shrinking Personal Space

Looking at the futures wheel we can organize some of the potential side-shows that can accrue if this micro future was widely adapted. This micro future is a societal behavior change and poses many potential side-effects both positive and negative. For example, public transport will be able to transport more people but can put these people at greater risks of theft. This could also have other issues with people wanted to opt out as it might be too uncomfortable for people or because of certain tasks people need to do are incompatible with public transport. 



This behavior change can also have other large events happening congruently that can have large effects of society. Here is a list of some side-shows I have thought about:

Downsize of Personal Transport Industries

The increase in public transportation usage will lead to a decrease in demand for personal passage vehicles. The can cause a major downsizing of the car industry that effects the well-being have thousands of people involved in the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of cars.

Downsize of Fossil Fuel Industry

With decrease in car demand follow with it decrease in demand of gasoline. We will have surplus in gasoline production causing a crash in the price of gasoline that many people are already having a hard time with.

Change in Urban Development

The shrinking in personal space can result in increase in density around major urban areas. This could also drastically change the way we design our urban areas from the current car centered design to a public transport centered design.

Observing Micro Futures

I have looked a four possible micro futures. Public transport in Asia, Toothpaste maximizer, Velcro spice rack and Food caddy.

People being pushed into a crowded train in Tokyo

People being pushed into a crowded train in Tokyo

This photo is a scene of the Tokyo train system during rush hour. People are squeezing into the train, packing as many people onto the train as they can. The sense of a physical personal space is completely gone with contact to other travelers on all sides. This seems to be a trend across most of Asia where people are willing to pack in and get a lot closer to others on public transport compared to their Western counterparts. 

Clip on tooth paste

Clip on tooth paste

This is something I see my parents do. To get all the toothpastes out of the tube they will fold the bottom of the tube as they go and use a clip of some form, in this case a bulldog clip, to help squeeze every last drop out. I've learned from my dad that this is something he learned to do from his father.

Velcro spice rack

Velcro spice rack

This is something I do myself. Being someone who cooks a lot, I have collected a lot of spices over time. Storing all these spice on shelves is not optimal as thing start to get hidden in the back making it hard to find things or forgetting about them causing the purchasing of spice that I already have. By putting velcro on the cabinet door and the bottles. The spices can be stored in a way where they are all displaced and non of them being hidden in obscure places.

Food caddy in car

Food caddy in car

This seems to be a uniquely American thing. Long drives and fast food are part of many people's lives in the US. One of the problems that arises is what to do if you need to eat during your drive. Having a beverage during your drive is normal with cup holders in every car now, but what about food? this person uses a shower caddy that are designed to hold your shampoo and soaps to hold her burger and fries. Everything stays organized allowing the user to eat and drive at the same time while minimizing taking one's eyes of the road.

Rivers of Sewage 4: Proposal

This is the proposal for my rivers of sewage project. This would be proposed to the City of Pittsburgh to help with the CSO situation