Design is?

What is design? A question designers even have a hard time answering. Since attending design school I've keep a list on the back of my sketchbook that I've slowly added too over time. Some if it is antidote and some had a bit more thought.

A list on the back of one of my old sketchbook

A list on the back of one of my old sketchbook

So what is design?

as of the writing of this post to me:

Design is the intention that exist in the creating.

If I were to design something right now, it would be a city.

5 keywords I use to describe my design ethos: relationships, intention, evolving, interdisciplinary, and human

What do you value in the designed world? That every "thing" is a story. A story of the creation, use, time period, and context it lives in.

What are your concerns as a designer? I believe that we are trying to build towards "the greater good/common good". But we might have very different opinions on what that greater good is. That is not necessary a bad thing but I am very interested in how we as humanity are going to deal with this and learn to live together in an increasingly interconnected world.