I lived, We Lived, What Did We Miss?

“Life is both fragile and resilient. We must remember, but we must also live.”

Carnegie Mellon School of Design Class of 2017 (2017)


“I lived, We live, What did we Miss” is an exhibit located in Hazelwood’s Center of Life church sanctuary that describes a neighborhood’s journey through loss, asking society how “we” have arrived to a world with such systemic loss. The exhibit questions the larger forces in our society, while bringing to light personal stories of loss within Hazelwood. Five interactive displays throughout the space were designed to encourage others to share their own story, becoming “a community empowered by our vulnerability, strengthened from our compassion, and engaged with the issues that matter to us.” It sets the tone for positive change, and recognizes the power of this community if given opportunities to learn and grow.

The exhibition can be seen at Hazelwood's Center of Life 161 Hazelwood Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15207

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Articles relating to project: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 90.5 WESA, The Heinz Endowment, Pittsburgh Magazine

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