Needy Plant

Plant and Human Interactions

Brian Yang, Grant Della Silva, & Anna Failla (2014), Physical Computing, Human Interactions


Many people have heard of the age old adage that talking to plants makes them grow better, but in what way  can we create a more intimate experience between the caretaker and the plant?

The typical human-plant interaction is  a brief encounter. Once a day, the human provides water to sustain the plant’s life then continues on with his or her routine. This interaction lacks intimacy and provides no incentive for further interaction between the human and the plant. In order to facilitate more affection between the human and the plant we created
the Needy Plant.

The Needy Plant is a huggable pot where one can grow their choice of plant. The Needy Plant dispenses water to the plant when affection is

received in the form of a hug. Needy Plants maps human affection onto the well being of the plant. Too little affection and the plant wilts and dies. Too much, and the plant drowns in the pot.

The Needy Plant allows the user to spend more than just a brief moment with their plant. The Needy Plant encourages them to be more affectionate words their plants and helping their plant grow.

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