Where's the Spoon?

Improving Efficiency of Self-Service Stations in Cafes

Brian Yang, Daniel Kison, Brandon Kirkley (2014) Design Research


Where’s the spoon is a design research project to investigate how the efficiency of self-service stations can be more efficient. The need for the research came one day after having a hard time finding a spoon at a café. In this project we go thought the steps of defining our problem space while compiling a list of our own grievances with self-service stations. Then we went out to collect data with two research methods.

To collect data we first shadowed people using self-service station in nearby cafes and observe how people normally interact with them. The shadowing was complied with a stopwatch so help us identify the inefficiencies in the process. The second method we employed was an activity in which participants would move pictorial magnets around a whiteboard to create what they though was the ideal layout of a self-services station. During the activity we would also interview the participants on their layout.

After we complied all out data we created a set of guidelines applicable to any stablemen. Out poster explains our process and shows a prototypical self-service station created with our guide lines